Project 2 – Math for parents and children – Update 1

Project 2 – Math for parents and children – update 1


I’ve been working on this idea in two ways.

  1. To create some material to show to possible customers
  2. To find people to discuss the idea


On item A I had some advance, because I prepared an initial list of the material I thought I need to teach

On item B I discussed with my work colleagues, and they liked it

So it was advancing


But then I got stuck, writing the ideas


When getting stuck, I went to my emotions and tried to find out why

Usually its fear, or lack of passion

This time I could be honest with myself and look at the task and feel it wasn’t interesting for real

That the quantity was large enough that it would take me several years to write all the material, and I didn’t like the idea at all


I found out I like to teach, but I don’t like too long projects, I like the excitement of something new

And even more, I like to be able to consolidate my thoughts in a short way to send to other people


Is a sense, I like what I need to do for my work, finding something that I can manage to finish and ship


Further thoughts made me realize that the product scope can be redefined.

The scope is not the material, but the attitude – how to present it to the children, make it human and tangible

Make the material a bridge between generations, where the two can join effort and overcome the difficulties together

The major change is that refocusing my effort means I don’t need to rewrite all the material, just an introduction

So I’m back on schedule, where I need to finish the first chapter for the end of next week.





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