Project 2 – Math for parents and children – initiation

Most children that have problem with mathematics start at age of 10-12, where its not a play anymore and studies become more serious

My experience is that parents are unable to help them as most are also terrified of math and ask external help, usually a private tutor.

Having the same problem with my son, and following the bad help of private tutors, I tried a different path. To teach him math in a more clear and simple way, giving him the confidence that he has support at home and on the way improving our relationship. Since the method gave such success, when repeated with other materials, I believe it’s a great way for every parent – children needing help with math


Here is the product:

An online course for parents and children to learn together math

The outcomes of the course are:

  1. both parent and children improve mathematics
  2. bonding of parent and childres
  3. a joint feeling of success


product development phases:

  1. idea generation – have basic idea and target group
  2. product production – enough outline to be able to define the price, cost and value to customer
  3. product validation – have at least 10 people willing to buy now the product, based on the outline
  4. product marketing plan – not done
  5. product sales pitch – not done
  6.  product sales page – not done


next steps

  1. find 10 willing customers
  2. define the product sales pitch

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Project 1 – Learn Google Search Summary

This is a bit of cheating as this project was done june 2014.

The project was selling an hebrew ebook on how to search on google efficiently, and give the hints on how to think. you can still find the sale page online, and the guide is still for sale.

Summary – two sales, to friends.

What was done right:

  1. Some validation – there is a lot of free information, but nothing as good as the guide
  2. The guide is clear and has value
  3. Product sale page

What was done wrong:

  1. Not enough validation
  2. Not enough marketing, and no clear marketing plan
  3. Value and Pricing too cheap, losing message calue


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The Quest Begins

I have a good job, a rewarding job

But I feel empty

I want to be exposed to new things, not only technical, not
only be an engineer

I’m looking for the risk of doing for myself, not only as

I’m starting a quest:

Make 101 business projects, exploring the things I can do,
make, sell, and any other crazy Idea

In order to make it a valid quest I give myself a time
limit, I have 10 years for this giving about 5 weeks on average per project

my only goal here is to learn about myself, grow and see
where it leads me

hope to have your company with me



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